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Friends Vs. Acquaintances

Everyone can easily catch enough comprehension between the words ‘friend‘ and ‘acquaintance by just reading its definition. However, I still end up doing this blog post so you might just end reading this now. But no! I mean, I just want it to reiterate, elaborate and explain the terms to myself!



Friend is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. (Hasa, 2016) That is for example, in my class, I have a lot of acquaintances nevertheless number of my friends can just simply count by hand. They’re few.

For instance, if you do not know who youre real friends are from your multiple acquaintances, then reminisce several things. First, remember when you skipped classes because of some important reason? That’s it! Those who asked you where on earth you go gone disappearing are those who have given enough concern to your existence. They’re friends.

One thing that maybe I can ask is to have friends, in any ages, that is same just like me. Those that is a good influence, funny, silent and friendly. I’ve met a loooot of acquaintances that has totally inversed characteristic to me and whenever I realized they’re just too far to what I am, I always have this idea of shutting my mouth. I mean, I barely talk to them and starts to stutter whenever I start speaking eye-to-eye to them.



An acquaintance is someone who is known but who is not a close friend. (Hasa, 2016) Let’s get have a pretty realistic example, say I’m in a new university class now and everyone still is somehow 70% strangers. I mean, their identity. Yes, I know their names, ages, course but that does not mean they’re also my friend. They are mere acquaintances.

However, it still makes me feel glad that I met people and know their names. Although, we both understand that we’re not friends yet. That’s an achievement to me! I rarely get friends my own because I am so forgetful, silent and shy so having an acquaintances is a big help to expand my connections.

Right now, I have a lot of acquaintances in my university. It includes the person I have in my class, in the publication and in JPIA-SLSU. I also have acquaintances online using various accounts and acquaintances from writing online. That is a mission-accomplished!

I think, in order to find new friends, both should’ve been an acquaintance to each other first. It is the main step. Should both of you then started to get along more time thanΒ  before, then you’re extending the acquaintance-relationship to a friendship kind of connection.

To clear the hype-dust, both of the term is connected and with relation while their use differs to how deep level of interaction and communication is present in between the communicators. (

Everyone can easily catch enough comprehension between the words ‘friend‘ and ‘acquantance‘ by just reading its definition. However, I still end up doing this blog post so you might not reached this point. But no! I mean, I just want it to reiterate, elaborate and explain the terms to you as well. And that you’ve just become one of my acquaintance after reading this post!




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Personal Blog No. 6: Peek to Minimalism

Living Minimally: Less is more

Humans have been into this sharp idea of hoarding knickknacks, buying a lot of things and collecting stuff that actually is making life more dull. Thus, people likely to anticipate that mainly, materialism is the roots of happiness in the wilderness of having consumerist’s mindset. With that, there goes this spoiled fruit- overcommitment.


According to the study conducted by P. Brickman n the 70’s, people who meets just their basic need were a lot of happy than those who had won millions on the lottery.
Unlikely, minimalism coined as ‘getting rid of material possessions’ is not just about throwing, isolating, selling and decluttering things off but it all also includes the principle of finding long-term happiness rather than those of short-term ones. It boxes the concept that stuff does not equal to any form of happiness. Moreover, Lee Hughes defined minimalism as a help to reassess top priorities and eradicate possessions, belongings which also includes the commitments that don’t actually value to life.
Still, being a minimalist is a perspective, subjective tool that can be applied to any aspect of self. However, minimalists made decisions based on what is more important for them that is maybe different to anyone.

1. Focus: Removal of things that Distracts

Probably, minimizing stuffs and commitments could give an apparent improvement to focus on stuff that needed to have one. Living more minimally will open an opportunity to focus on one thing at a time. Nevertheless, multi-tasking is a great way to accomplish goals more quickly too but it is dangerous and harmful to gain a firm concentration.
For instance, if you’re having a lot more problem about the project overloads and commitments, why don’t you try eliminating things that distracts you from doing them effectively? Give yourself enough time to strip away stuffs that you think is not part of your focus-filled plan before starting brand new commitments. Like, only keep an attention to the ones that weights heavier.

Minimalism really could lend a big hand.
When the hype-dust clears, you’ll find yourself happier, more organized from focusing only onto the matters that is valuable and removal of things that distracts.

2. Save more time

All of us wishes to have more time to relax, more time for entertainment, more time for friends, family and of course time to ourselves. Well, overcommitments just restricts us to do it so. In order to efficiently use time is to, of course, manage the remaining ones. Eliminating less productive items and jobs over the valuable ones has something to do with living minimally. You can rather say ‘no’ as well, that way you can save more time than ever.
Be mindful to just do first the big items on to-do lists and be aware of what’s urgent to what’s important in order to efficiently and effectively use your time that is one step to save more.

3. Sense of Freedom

Living less or living while reducing possessions benefits a happier life with concern to the sense of self-freedom. The modern indicators that cages individual from the concept of simplicity such as the money-oriented concept of materialism distance us to the real sense of freedom. However, a minimalist follows no certain strict and arbitrary set of rules that expresses its distinct feature compare to the former- materialism.

4. Less stress to a contented spirit

Identify the stressors that is likely to cause your extreme anxiety and triggers you to feel over committed. That is, probably, stress about seeking and pursuing for more. Again, minimalism adheres to clear all the distractions and obligations that is cluttered. In this case, individual will not suffer from stress and naturally get contented to lesser things.
If you ever realized that you were more stress with items you possess, then this time might be best to decide whether to get rid of them and ask “Do I really need this?”

5. Alteration of Standards

Industrialized nation offers just everything that boosts the insecurities of every individual. Unfortunately, the products as a universal models constantly changes everyone’s perspectives, conceptions about the correct standards of living, relationships, possessions and etc.
That is why you might realize that you’re being deceived from consuming more just to reach the certain sets of standards, wherein is set unachievable. Accumulating stuff for own good is nevertheless, good. But the fact that acquiring these products starts to be a burden shows that it is becoming one of a disadvantage.
We can’t just admit that we’ve once believed that all those possessions would increase self-worth and so lead to a happier life (Sasaki, 2017). However, materialistic again, causes another kind of commitment- to pass the expectations and norms of the society just to please the struggle. As you can see, that is not part of a normal priority, everyone has their own kind of standards that no one could just achieve.
Quite surprisingly, minimalism has good points to live more practical and happy. However, these points weren’t applicable to any people out there. Minimalism in a way is just an antidote to partly live inversely to the modern mindsets of consumerism. (Michael Ofei, 2018)

After all, when the power of minimalism kicks in, you’ll be more of surprised to see how could your life be more lively as you pick spoiled fruits out- overcommitments and waters those that is unripe- priorities.

Disclaimer: Photos except the featured one is from The featured photo is made using Picsart. Thank you for reading.Β 


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Personal Blog No. 4 : Perfect Leadership

What does it take to be a perfect leader?



Those people who follow the same human- the rulers, are often dissappointed. Leadership is describe as the ability and the power to lead a certain group or organization.(Merriam-Webster Dictionary) In particular to what are the traits and characteristics a perfect leader must have are criteria that is unbearable to reach by the same human. On the other hand, believe that a perfect leader should have the following criteria:

Leadership that is progressive, not stagnant.

It seems to be very impossible that there goes a leader that exist to rule progressively. However, we all know that rulers are the same human as we. They can be hurt and die as well. As a matter of fact, leadership now comes periodically. I mean, people are obligated to choose who among them to rule within a certain period; and that explains a lot. I heard a lot of concerns that leaders were all good right just from the start and when it comes to the ending, they gone go disappearing.
Nevertheless, I have no intention to give hate among them.

Leadership that is refreshing and uplifting.

A perfect leader must have the power not just to control and to overpower his or her colony; instead, to uplift each and eveyone in particular. I’ve seen a lot of rulers that cannot quitely pass my own criteria of leadership. They are though refreshing but never uplifting. How? They get to have a lots of sweet, fragrant words but turns out to get rotten after so much time. It is not somehow uplifting
Another fact that I consider is, that when another ruler sets another rule, there are always this three sides. One that accepts, one that rejects and the third one is those who don’t take part of it. It only means that when something is accepted there goes the rejection squad; and it is not uplifting in their part.
However, I will rather choose not to take any part of it.


Patterning of Life

A ‘perfec’ leader has a good patterns of life that could be a good model in any ages. This might be impossible today, since everyone of us are sinners and has a lot of things to regret. That is why, to get directly to the point; I can’t see someone who could rule the world in its finest only but a powerful and sacred ones. πŸ™‚

High values
No one will be going to follow such ruler that loves violence and war; instead, a peaceful organization and country with a high value due to the certain morality of a perfect leader is more commendable. Politicians, for instance, admire a certain country into peacefully and growing one due to their high value of serving this. However, in a certain circumstances, there were rulers engaged in an intense form of corruption. I do believe that if that leader posseses the highest value then it is not possible to do such things.
Now, my point is, does this leader with the most value exist in this world? My answer is: he did and yes he will.

Submission to most highly

Submitting ones self to most higher one is a great step to become the perfect leader. And I do believe that perfect leadership has only one throne and that no one could ever replace it.
Submission to the most highly, requires the courage and braveness. Courage and braveness from the Most Highly; that will result to the most perfect leadership ever. These will include obeying and following rules from the highest.

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[Personal Blog No. 2] : Define Love

Para sa ‘yo ano ang love?

Being in love and being loved is no difference. That is why for most of the people, there is no such definite meaning what love is. All we know is that being loved is worth remembering, worth of sharing. And I know for sure that every single person has their own kind of intensified modern ‘fairytale’ lurking behind them. Thus, be inspire as I tell my most memorable yet heart-whelming story between me and my loved-one.

It’s been almost a long two years without seeing my precious mom. She works really hard as an OFW in Singapore, employed as a domestic helper.I know working and serving another family is hard for her as she left with a 5 years-old-daughter, my yougest sister. For sure, there are nights that she wanted us beside her, the nights where she thinks she belongs to the group of the most lonely souls.



Hence, we’ve been always longing for her presence not until the day she chatted.

‘Ne, uuwi ako ng November 7, 10 days lang ako diyan

I’m really glad her boss allowed her to visit us for 10 days because of some complicated problem, they say. But seemingly, destiny is not with us as well.

Due to my academic requirements, all grade Grade 12 students are required 80 hours of work immersion to be accomplished during my 2nd semester. Then I’m deployed on Lucena which basically is 1 and a half hours away.

I was like, ” Paano na ‘yong bakasyon ni Mama, 10 days na nga lang ‘yon tapos wala pa rin akong time

I told mom I wanted to change my deployment somewhere near our area. But she insisted me to go in the real accounting firm which is on Lucena right where I am deployed.

I have no choice but to go on the firm far away from my place. I woke up 4:30 am and arrive with almost 7:00 pm. I am not so concerned coming late at home since both of my parents tag along to fetch me at ‘sambat’ even it’s cold there waiting.
Aside from it, Mama always texts me,

‘Ne, nadito na kami sa sambat, iintayin ka namin.’

With that simple text message,I really feel happiest among the passengers inside the jeepney despite its cold air slapping me everytime I turnaround the window just to smile.

For a record, I can smile the whole hour of ride thinking that there are people who cares on my everyday arrival. I am very much in love!

Finally, weekend has come and so we’re happy to bond the whole 2 days. We made foods, talked about school, teased, laughed and slept with each others.Β  Sleeping together with your love ones are great! The experience is indeed unforgetable. That time, I already wanted earth to transform as a paradise.Β  That would be so lovely!


But again, It’s Monday and we’re all back to school and immersion. I always arrive tired but happy, because I know there is my family waiting. However,happiness aren’t made all the times.

My last 4 days of work immersion went smooth not until my last day. My mom’s going to leave that Friday she said before I leave that morning. But still i’m assuming to see her patiently waiting for me although I’m 99 % sure she already left. Yet, I’m hoping for that 1%Β  she did not.

Impossible! Naka-alis na s’ya.

I whispered forcing not to cry while riding on the jeepney way back home. I unexpectedly received a text message from Tatay

‘Ne, nasaan ka na?’

I never replied back as I hold my tears. That time, my mom never message me again, I knew she left.

“Ang daya ni Mama, hindi man lang nagpaalam bago umalis”

As I reached in almost 7:30 pm, I slowly walked without showing expression. I saw my father’s figure on a dark place. My mother’s not there beside him. That was indeed heartbreaking but suddenly a voice is heard.

‘Ne, ang tagal mo kanina pa kami dito’

I was in wonder, it’s my mom holding my sister who spoke! That time, i literally cried but instead of showing it to them, I immediately wipe my tears out. That moment is incredibly memorable, it’s my love. Its my happiest moment of all.

I never waste time after we made it home. I’ve talked to her, share my immersion experiences and even my ‘sama ng loob’ were discussed that night because i know tomorrow she’ll definitely leave home.
3:00 am, Saturday, it’s her flight’s due date. I wont forget what she said while waking me up.

‘Ne, aalis na ako. Ingat kayo palagi dito ha. Babye na, pakiss na ang Mama. Matagal na ulit akong makakauwi ha. Love love’

I know she’s aware that i’m awake that time. I know she’s aware that I’m crying beneath my blanket that time. But I know as well how hard, how painful it is to say goodbye that time. I can’t blame no one, that is why love and being loved is one of the memorable things people could never missed out.

Kaya Ma, para sa ‘yo ano ang love?Β 
‘Wag mo nang sagutin ma kasi alam kong para sa ‘yo ang pagmamahal ay pagsasakripisyo. Sakripisyo na kahit masakit pipilitin pa ring maglaan para lang sa mga minamahal.

Mama, mahal na mahal ka namin. 😦



Golden Tip:
Don’t miss your happy moments with loved-ones because I know what “long-distant relationships” felt like. Capture every moments this Valentines day and share to others how blessed you are to be with someone you’re in love. Thanks for reading my own kind of dramatic love story, now share yours!

#OPPOF5 #CaptureTheRealYou

P.S. This is my first time crying while writing an article
P.P.S Mga isang tabo yung naiyak ko.
P.P.P.S Thanks OPPO!

Lots of Love,

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Nature Glows

I love looking outside. This is where I find something that always glow, something that always stays the same. I mean, nature never gets old yet it is destroyed by the same human who cannot understand the fact that every raw and immediate materials are from extracting and genetically synthesized out from and which basically an industry starts into making production of goods consumed by again, the same people, who drastically polluting it.


I wish to have a peaceful world just now. Let’s all imagine how things might be if we can play and ride with lions, count the never-ending stars with a never-ending life, plant seeds for ourselves only, travel the world on both feet walking, running and camping and imagine these people who cares with everybody that cares the same. Nothing else will gloom that way this time. All thing is doomed, black in color and trashed.